Welcome to Ms. Powell's PreK class. We will begin our weather unit in a few weeks. I can't wait to see how much my students learn about clouds, types of weather, seasons, etc. I am required to do a global learning project for my graduate class, and it was not easy to find one that could fit into PreK curriculum; however, this one sounds very good, and will make our unit more fun and exciting. I can't wait to begin.
Look for our weather postings coming soon!
Ms. Powell's PreK

We invited Ms. Alsup's PreK next door to join us in our weather and seasons unit!

The first day of our weather/seasons unit, we learned about the seasons. There are four- Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. Several students from Ms. Powell's and Ms. Alsup's class brought in photos. We had so many pictures, Ms. Powell couldn't load them all onto our wiki page!

In Winter, trees are naked! They have no leaves to cover their branches. The weather is cold, and sometimes it snows.

In Spring, leaves begin to grow, and flowers bloom.

In Summer, tree limbs are covered with green leaves. We don't have any summer photos yet!

In Fall,or Autumn, leaves change colors- red, yellow, and orange.

Our class made season posters. Look how great they are!

The second day of our weather unit, we talked about kinds of weather and made weather posters.
We discussed many kinds of weather, but our posters show sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowy.We did an awesome job!
Colton brought in two weather drawings he made at home-
A Tornado!
A Warm & Sunny Day
The third day of our unit, we learned that the water cycle forms clouds when the sun soaks up water from the ground. Then, when the clouds get full of water, it rains or snows. Then , we used water paint to paint a water cycle poster.DSCN0502.JPG DSCN0503.JPGThe fourth day, we learned about three kinds of clouds- cirrus, cumulus, and stratus. We made cloud posters.
Cirrus clouds look like feathers. Cumulus and stratus are both like puffy cotton, but cumulus clouds are in a blue sky, and stratus clouds are dark, rain clouds.We brought in photos of clouds.
cirrus clouds
cumulus and stratus clouds
cirrus, cumulus, and stratus clouds
stratus clouds
WE HAD FUN LEARNING ABOUT THE WEATHER AND SEASONS!Thank you Ms. Alsup's class for bringing in photos for our wiki. We hope ya'll learned as much as we did!