Welcome to Ms.Monday's First Grade's exploration of weather!
W. H. Council Traditional School
We are just now seeing the beginning signs of spring!

Mar. 8, 2010
Today we began our inquiry into weather. Our class is curious about the following:
  • How do clouds fill with rain?
  • What affect does rain have on outside construction workers?
  • Where does rain come from?
  • What makes clouds move?
  • What causes change in the weather?

The Water Cycle

May 2, 2010
Council Traditional is located 5 minutes from Mobile Bay, a major estuary, which is a birthing place for many birds, fish, and wildlife.
Mobile Bay Estuary. We are currently watching the weather to see what will happen to the oil spill in the Gulf. Here are a few interesting links:

CBS local oil spill coverage
oil spill/ Mobile local news coverage
CNN - booms & wildlife rescue
Watch the oil spill grow
Wildlife at risk