Mrs. Mastrogiacomo's Page of Weird and Wondrous Weather

We are excited to begin our exploration of weird and wondrous weather. We are starting our project by sharing our own weather experiences. Each student will choose the format which they would like to use to share their memory. Some options include but are not limited to: PowerPoint Presentations, News Articles, Narrative Writings, Drawings, Collage, and/or Photo Albums. To get the ball rolling I have posted some pictures of my most recent weird and wondrous weather experience. I can't wait to post the projects my students create!

Hurricane Irene Hits New York

The rain and wind of the storm caused my neighborhood to flood. This picture, which was taken by a friend of mine, shows the area around the corner from my house. The water stopped my friend from traveling any closer to our houses.

This is the local school. Luckily the storm hit in August so students hadn't come back from summer break yet.

Check out how far up the water is on that stop sign. Wow!

Tornado Hits Public School 174

After looking at Mr. Solarz's page which showed pictures of a tornado, we decided to post what the tornado did to our street. Actually our science teacher, Mr. Bebenroth, told us it was called a microburst that had very strong winds.
This is what it looked liked after the tornado hit our school.