Ms. Calicutt

Weird and Wonderous Weather this year in Huntsville, Alabama
This winter in Alabama we experienced some weird weather. We had SNOW!!!! Now the weather is changing and getting warmer. The snow has turned into rain. Clouds make the rain and the snow. We learned about that in our Kindergarten class. To show the difference of what it looks like when it is snowing and when it is raining we made some pictures. Notice that there are clouds on both sides.

Bradon thinks it's fun to make snowmen when it snows and he likes to watch the leaves turn green when Spring arrives.

Ashleigh watches her friends have a snowball fight in the Winter and gets out her umbrellas when the rain comes in the Spring.

Abby likes to see the different colors associated with the different seasons.

Kate builds a snowman and gives him an igloo for winter. She watches the trees grow on her own front door in Spring.

Timmy likes to sit and catch snowflakes on his hand because he has never seen so much before in the Winter but is ready for the flowers coming in the Spring.

Taylor builds a snowman in the Winter and throws snowballs at it. In the Spring he watches trees grow so tall while he stands outside under his umbrella.

Ms. Callicutt likes to throw snowballs and build snowmen in Winter snow. She loves it when Spring rain comes and brings colorful flowers.

Anna and her little brother watch the snow fall in the Winter and she watches as the rain pours down hard in the Spring.

Brody has snowball fights in the Winter snow and sees rain fall to make Spring flowers.