Mrs. Godsey and Miss Martin (student teacher) School Year 2009-2010

Grade 2, Columbus, OH

Hello, we started our weather projects today. We did an internet workshop/research on weather and what makes the season's change. We have also watched video and have done some SmartBoard lessons. We used PowerPoint to create a tour of Ohio weather through the seasons, that includes, temperature, precipitation, what we wear and things we do during that season. The children had fun making their part of the PowerPoint. We were going to video tape it, but the audio wasn't any good, so we used VoiceThread to bring the presentation alive.

Once we learned about Ohio weather we talked about the Water Cycle. Again, the students learned about the water cycle through various media, from reading to websites that were interactive and videos through United Streaming. Once we learned about the water cycle each student added a section to the Kidspiration page of the 4 different parts of the water cycle. There are 3 examples below.

Living in Ohio you never know what the weather will be so it is always an adventure no matter what the season.

Here is the VoiceThread of the PowerPoint they worked on.

Here are a few of the Water Cycle Kidspirations they did.