Ms. Anna Kennedy

Hi wiki family!

My second graders have been studying clouds. I am teaching the students with a global learning project for a graduate class I am taking. We are located in the Muscle Shoals area in Northwest Alabama. Each day for a week we took a picture of the clouds outside of our school. As you will notice they are all different! The week before we took the pictures we started a school day late because of snow! Wacky and Weird, right? :) (Read to the very end of the wiki, please!)

Snow on pavement

Day #1- thin cirrus clouds in the distance

Day #2- large cirrus clouds


Day #3- cumulus clouds


Day #4- stratus clouds
(We like to describe the stratus clouds as a bumpy blanket.)


Day #5- These are either cumulonimbus and/or stratus. They were very low in the atmosphere.
They were dark and ended up bringing rain later that day.

After researching on a local meteorologist's website (,

discussing the four main types of clouds as a class


drawing the water cycle in our science document notebooks,

and dancing to Bill Nye's rain song,

we created our own clouds with cotton balls.



Then we hung them up for the world to see! :)


What do the clouds look like outside your school today? Please tell us!