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Pretty Wondrous!

If you were in the Washington DC area in February 2010 you've certainly experienced some weird weather. In September 2011 many people on the east coast experienced Hurricane Irene while the people in Texas had a serious drought! The northeast had a huge snow storm before Halloween! Unfortunately in 2012 the northeast experienced the very nasty Hurricane Sandy!
Here is an opportunity for students to share some weird and/or wondrous weather in their communities. Every participating class will have their own wiki page on this wiki to showcase their stories, poems, photographs and other weather related learning experiences. There are many easy Web 2.0 tools that you may want to use. Feel free to link to your class web site or wiki but please provide a link back to this wiki. Check our my **autumn 2009 project** for some ideas of how teachers used web 2.0 tools.

This global project is open to students in grades K-5. It will be ongoing so feel free to begin whenever you'd like. If you would like to interact with another participant click on the Recent Changes link. This way you will know who has recently joined. Every page has a discussion area so be sure to check your page because somebody may have written a comment or has a question.
Anybody can view our work but only participants will be able to publish work and post our discussions.

If you would like to join Weird and Wondrous Weather please send the following information to me and you will receive an invitation.
Your Name, School, Grade Level, Town and email address
This will be my **41st collaborative Internet project** . This project began last winter and will go indefinitely.
Join today so that your students can share some Weird and Wondrous Weather on the World Wide Web.

Rain in St. John USVI by Cheryl Geller